I am Erika Nyáry, architect practising multidisciplinary activities. The aim of my website is to offer references of my professional diversity.
You are welcome to discover my biography!

Work experience

Architect associated with Jordán Sanz Tena architect, 2006-present
Interior Designer /restaurants and housing, 2007-present
Country Manager, HU-ES /property developments, bilateral projects, 2007-present
Foreign Correspondent /architectural reviews, 2006-2015
Industrial Designer / muzeums and wineries, 2013
Marketing Manager /events and sales, 2007-
Graphic Designer /events, sales and competitions, 2007-
Curator /international events, 2007-
Salesperson /real estate agency, 2000
Shop Manager /cigar showroom, 1997

Leonardo Award / TEMA-Atelier Jean Nouvel, Madrid-ES, 2006
Office Practice / Iroko Arquitectos, Majadahonda-ES, 2004
Site Practice / Siemens Headquarters, Budapest-HU, 1998


Higher education BME Technical University of Budapest-HU, 1997-2006
Scholarship Erasmus / ÉAT School of Architecture of Toulouse-FR, 2002-2003